World’s Wackiest Animals (Lonely Planet Kids)

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Take a walk on the weird side as Lonely Planet Kids reveals 100 of the world’s strangest animals.

From glass frogs and mole lizards to umbrella birds and fishing spiders, discover crazy creatures and rare species you’ve never heard of before from all corners of the globe! Meet the egg-eating snake and satanic leaf-tailed gecko from Africa; the chinstrap penguin and narwhal from the Arctic Circle; the Bornean bearded pig and snub-nosed monkey from Asia; the frilled dragon and superb bird-of-paradise from Australia; the hoopoe and Etruscan shrew from Europe; the ghost-faced bat and magnificent frigatebird from North America; the Brazilian horned frog and red-lipped batfish from South America; and lots more!  You’ll then plunge into the dark depths of the oceans to meet fish and deep sea marine life, like the hairy frogfish, immortal jellyfish, crown-of-thorns starfish and the mimic octopus.

Who will you crown the world’s wackiest? Come explore!

Suitable for children ages 6-9


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