Jason Mason And The World’s Most Powerful Itching Powder

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Jason Mason is a pretty average kid. The kind of kid who doesn’t get chosen for the rugby team. The kind of kid who gets his lunchbox picked over by the school bully every day. The kind of kid who finds it hard to concentrate in class. The kind of kid who is, actually, a SECRET AGENT.

WAIT . . . WHAT?

Jason is invited to take over from his recently deceased Great-uncle Bill to become a Secret Agent. His country needs him! From being winched from a chopper onto the Beehive to meet the PM; to going undercover in a Mr Whippy van; to midfield at Eden Park, it’s all go for Jason Mason! His mission is to stop the arch-villain Hugh Jarse from sabotaging the Bledisloe Cup and taking over the world.

Has Jason Mason got what it takes to save the planet from evil?

You won’t believe the crazy, laugh-out-loud, risky, save-the-world type stuff this pretty average kid gets up to. This book is destined to leave you itching for more Jason Mason adventures!


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