Zachary Quack Minimonster – Lynley Dodd


When mischievous duckling Zachary Quack meets a flicketty-quick dragonfly, he hustles it into the air. But who is really hustling who?

Zachary Quack stars in his own big adventure as he chases a dragonfly through some very sticky situations.

Climbing the river bank

on to the track,
went pittery pattery
Zachary Quack . . .

Zachary Quack is pestering and scruffling all over the river bank. Then he finds a flicketty-quick dragonfly and hustles it here, there and everywhere. But who is really hustling who?

This little yellow duckling’s charming adventure also features cameo appearances from Hairy Maclary and the gang!

‘A child’s best introduction to books’ – The Times
‘Delightful to read aloud’ – The Independent


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