Wishy Washy Wonder – Joy Cowley

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An essential anthology of charming Mrs Wishy-Washy stories from Joy Cowley for lovers of quality children’s books.

This Joy Cowley anthology is for children, but parents will enjoy the nostalgia of the return of Mrs and Mr Wishy-Washy and Cow, Pig, and Duck.

In typical Cowley style, the “smallest” characters always come out the winners and children will relate to the antics of Mrs Wishy-Washy’s animals as they “help out” in many different ways, dress up, get rid of the competition, and share their appreciation of Mrs Wishy-Washy. Each carefully constructed story is short, making it an ideal bedtime read. Beautifully designed and illustrated for young readers by award-winning New Zealand illustrator Philip Webb, perfect text-picture matches means that beginning readers can read this book independently.

Dip into Wishy-Washy Wonder and discover why more than 40 million Mrs Wishy-Washy stories have been sold around the world. With the current focus on hygiene, cleanliness obsessed Mrs Wishy-Washy is the character for our time! Pair with the companion anthology Wishy-Washy World to experience the whole collection.


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