Why Do Tigers Have Whiskers?

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Furry and flying, wild and domestic, underground and undersea – discover the wondrous ways of the animal world in this intricately illustrated book of facts and explanations.

In this first book on animals, venture into the jungle to discover why tigers need whiskers, dig deep with echidnas to find out how they breathe underground, and shimmy up a tree with your pet cat to learn how it uses its claws. Future books will cover such topics as the ocean, outer space, the human body and language.

Aimed at kids aged 4-7, the series asks the big questions about the world as only a child could, with factual explanations that break down the fundamentals and check our assumptions. A glossary helps young readers learn more complex terms, and immersive collages illustrate each answer, with layers of stuff to marvel at and identify.

Learn the why, the how and the wow! as you explore your world through the eyes of a curious kid.


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