Where Is Grandma?

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Henry is off to visit Grandma at the hospital but when they get there, Gulsa, his Kurdish nanny, is busy on the phone. So Henry decides to find Grandma himself. And so begins his quest and a 64 page exploration of a pretty enormous hospital – from the information desk to a maternity ward to a gastroenterologist’s office, Henry opens the doors we’ve all wondered about on our own hospital visits.

Where is Grandma? is almost a graphic novel, both in size and in style, and the illustrations add more than just one layer to the story. Henry meets people only briefly, sometimes only passing them in the corridor, but Schössow manages to hint at an entire story, an entire life, with the bow of a head or the tilt of an eyebrow. This is definitely a book that could lead some great discussions like, where is the person with the ‘human organ transplant’ box going?

With a large and diverse cast of characters (women and men of various ethnicities), this is a great introduction to the hospital for age 4+


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