What The Fluffy Bunny Said To The Growly Bear


Psst! There’s a surprise birthday party for Zebra . . . pass it on!

Fluffy Bunny tells Growly Bear there’s a surprise party for Zebra, and Bear should: “Wear a hat! Bring a cake! And pass it on!” And Bear does pass it along, to Moose, Elephant, Monkey and all their other friends. As one animal passes the party plans to the next, things get wilder and wilder! The animals oblige — anything for their good friend Zebra! — but the surprise turns out to be on them. Never has an occurrence of “broken telephone” been as adorably or hilariously brought to life!

What the Fluffy Bunny Said to the Growly Bear is riotous read-aloud fun, perfect for a birthday or any old day.


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