Through The Night Sky

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A beautifully illustrated collection of non-fiction stories featuring the many wonders that exist in the night sky.

This magical narrative non-fiction book for children shines a light on the incredible events that take place in the darkness above.

Track a colony of bats as they fly through the twilight to pollinate the flowers of the mysterious baobab tree, travel into the wilderness to gaze at the constellations of the Northern and Southern Hemisphere, watch a pod of humpback whales swimming through chilly Arctic waters under the gentle glow of the Northern Lights, then travel through the ages to check in on Halley’s Comet as it makes its appearance above the Earth every 75 years.

Through the Night Sky is a beautiful book that spans a wide range of subjects, including everything from nocturnal animals or revellers watching fireworks illuminate the night, to celestial objects such as the moon, planets, and shooting stars – all under the vast night sky.


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