Three You Say Which Way Adventures

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Three interactive adventures, each with multiple endings. You say which way the story goes!

Meet robots, space pirates and more in Between The Stars.

Go to a South Pacific island and stumble across smugglers while looking for lost treasure in Danger On Dolphin Island.

Explore a new planet, fight off morph rats and find the Secrets Of Glass Mountain.

Start by choosing which book to read. Things might get a little trickier after that. Oh … and watch out for the shape-shifting plants!

What Readers Say: My daughter absolutely loves these books. She’s twelve, and she’s always asking me if there are any more of these books. If you’ve got a bright child, they will probably do as mine did: finish the book and then go back and read all of the choices. No cursing, no racy parts – just good, clean adventure.

Why choose a ‘You Say Which Way’ adventure?

  • Decisions have consequences and these books are all about choice.
  • They are educational while being fun and informative.
  • They are good books for girls and boys.
  • Multiple paths and endings means books can be read many times.
  • Interactive stories stimulate cognitive development.
  • Making choices develops leadership.



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