The Noisy Book

With over 100 pages, this unique board book is full of bright, bold illustrations and lots of noises to make. It’s perfect to share with a baby or toddler. The owl goes hoo hoo. The cat goes meow. The raindrop goes plop. The door goes knock knock .The baby goes waaaaa. Daddy goes shhh. The kiss goes mwahh.


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  1. Kim Oorschot

    Even with limited words, this book has surprises. It’s fun to read aloud, unpredictable and makes me laugh every time. For me, that’s one of the signs of a great book. It repeats sounds and sound families (like hoo-hoo, oo-oo-oo and cuckoo). I like how the sound of a can of spinach is yuck. – Julia Marshall, publisher

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