The Genius Of Bugs

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The Genius of Bugs is a new, fresh take on the world of bugs, inspired by the blockbuster science exhibition Bug Lab, held at Te Papa and Weta Workshop.

Illustrated with up-close, dramatic bug photography throughout, The Genius of Bugs is filled with bug tales, facts and figures that showcase bug ingenuity and reveal astounding bug behaviour. Featuring New Zealand and international examples, children will be entranced by these inspiring bugs and remarkable recent discoveries about their genius.

Meet a roll call of some of the world’s most incredible bugs – from the sneaky portia spider to the killer brain-surgeon jewel wasp, to New Zealand’s king of the creepies, the wētā.

Discover amazing bug behaviour around the themes of:

  • fearsome bug weapons
  • precision engineering
  • scams and deceptions
  • awesome teamwork.​


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