The Dog And The Mog Go Camping

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This is a lovely rhyming story that is a sequel to ‘The Dog and the Mog’, and tells more tales about Davey the Dog, Mavis the Mog and Bruce their owner.

Camping is a quintessential way of holidaying everywhere, and many will be able to relate to some of the challenges that can arise, especially with the weather!

Davey the Dog and Mavis the Mog are going camping at the beach with Bruce and the family in the summer holidays. They plan on having heaps of fun and need to take lots of things to play with so there is plenty to do when they get there. Everything is packed in the car, they get to the beach and set up the camp. After tea and a walk, everyone piles into bed and off they go to sleep. But while they are sleeping it starts to teem with rain and when Bruce’s dad gets up to go out to the loo, his feet hit water to discover they are flooded!


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