The Best Pirate (with pirate hat, eye patch and treasure!)


Pirate Dave was big and brave, Pirate Nell was clever. Pirate Giles could swim for miles in any kind of weather. But Pirate Paul well, he was small. He was hardly a proper pirate at all. (Or so the others thought).

So begins this charming book that’s perfect for your little landlubber. When a crew of child pirates set sail in search of treasure, they each have their own unique talents and abilities. That is, except for Pirate Paul – who after all, is just too small! The others don’t think he’s good for much of anything. Not hoisting the sails, swabbing the deck, or searching for treasure. But when disaster strikes, it’s up to Pirate Paul to prove that being small doesn’t mean you can’t have the biggest adventure of all!

Comes with a fun pirate hat, eyepatch, and treasure.


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