Storybook Of Fairy Princesses


This title helps you discover the wonderful world of Fairy Princesses, who use their special powers to help make the world a safer and more beautiful place. The stories include “Princess Rose’s Secret”, “Princess Daisy’s Darkness”, “The Princesses’ Presents”, “Princess Nerina’s Problem”, and “Many Kinds of Magic”.

It is illustrated throughout with pretty paintings by leading children’s artist Beverlie Manson. It is perfect for reading aloud to small children, or for more confident readers to enjoy by themselves.

Some princesses have a secret…they are really Fairy Princesses! Fairy Princesses have palaces and pretty dresses, just like other princesses. They dance at royal balls and wear glittering jewels, just like other princesses. But they can also do magic. How do they do it?

This illustrated anthology is sure to engage all young readers. Ages 7+


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