Shooting Stars

Egan Tucker is fifteen and has been in hiding in the bush with his mother his entire life.

He has never known television, the Internet or even electricity. He has never seen hot and cold running water or a flush toilet. His food comes from the forest or the stream, not from a supermarket. The boundaries of his world are the hills that surround the tiny valley he calls home.

But Egan’s life is about to change. Forced to leave his home, he must venture out into a world that is unlike anything he has ever known.

He is not ready for this world. And the world is not ready for Egan.

A fascinating and highly original novel about a boy raised in the bush on the Coromandel, who is thrust into the world after his mother goes missing. So many different elements come together: strong, evocative writing, authentic dialogue, complex characters, a page-turning plot, the ‘code’ Egan lives by, and challenging themes of domestic violence, systemic injustice and living ethically and authentically.

Finalist New Zealand Post Book Awards for Children & Young Adults 2016.


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Brian Falkner


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