Shades of Love – Hilary Freeman, Vanessa St Clair, Laura Ellen Kennedy

Full of romance, humour and drama, these three books make great value reading

LOVING DANNY by Hilary Freeman
On her gap year, restless Naomi meets Danny, a mysterious and intense musician who opens her eyes to a whole new world around her. Danny is exciting and talented, and his band are on the brink of stardom. But he also has a dark, destructive side . . . Will Naomi be able to save Danny before it’s too late? And, more importantly, can she save herself?

MY BEST FRIEND’S BROTHER by Laura Ellen Kennedy
Loyalty can be a difficult thing, as Erica discovers when her boyfriend’s sister entrusts her with a secret. The secret grows until one night Erica realises that Sally could be in trouble and she must betray her trust – and risk losing boyfriend Jake.

LOVE DIVIDED by Vanessa St Clair
Lucy is officially Off Boys, but Mally is different. Older, more serious than fun-loving Lucy and drop dead gorgeous! After he rescues her from some teasing boys, their friendship grows and love blossoms. However, Mally is from a hard-working, successful Bangladeshi family and is expected to go to Cambridge University. Can their love overcome the religious and cultural divide of their families?


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