Ringlet And The Day The Oceans Stopped

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An eleven-year-old mergirl has better things to do than save the oceans from deadly stagnation. Except there’s no one else. And worse still, something monstrous is hellbent on stopping her.

It’s Ringlet against time and tides and there’s not much left of either.

Felicity Williams is a Christchurch author and is the owner and director of Canvas Bag Drama School. She has written hundreds of  plays and operettas for children, including The Man Whose Mother Was A Pirate and Jam, both with scripts by Margaret Mahy. Felicity’s also written lyrics, music and scripts for the children’s television show, The Dress-Up Box.

Ringlet and the Day the Oceans Stopped is her first novel for children, written after years researching the various habitats and species of merfolk, and concerning the story of a real-life salt-water, ocean-dwelling mergirl and the fish and seafolk she lives among.


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