Queen On Wednesday


On Wednesday, Thelma is bored―so she decides to become a queen. She makes the royal announcement on Thursday and chooses the royal pets on Friday. But she needs a castle to keep the pets, and royally qualified trainers to tame them, and of course someone to clean up after the messes. It’s enough to give a queen a royal headache. And when Thelma realises that there aren’t enough beds to hold her royal staff, she flings off her crown and decides that maybe being a regular girl isn’t so boring after all.

Filled with playful humour and stunning artwork, Queen on Wednesday marks renowned illustrator Gabi Swiatkowska’s debut as a picture book author. Illustrated with multiple mediums in a Victorian-like style, the pages are quite impressive. The large text, arranged in various layouts, balances the artistry of the illustrations. While certainly the story is one that young readers will appreciate, the fanciful and extraordinary artwork will also appeal to adults.


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