Life is challenging for 16-year-old Jahnine Byrne. Her mother is in hospital battling cancer, her elder brother has gone without a trace, and Jahnine has dropped out of school.

A family legend blames their bad luck on a patu (greenstone club) that her great-grandfather took during the New Zealand Wars. The patu’s curse needs to be lifted, something that can only happen if the waepon is returned. But returned to where?

Determined to return the patu and lift the curse, Jahnine turns to a strange Maori boy, Andy, and follows him away from Auckland to try and put things right. Nothing turns out the way she imagines in this powerful coming-of-age novel.

This is a powerful story with strong themes about the alienation of Maori city youth from their whanau [family] and culture.


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Tim Tipene


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