On the Edge

As 12-year-old Brady’s life spins into free fall, who can he turn to? The horror of the school climbing wall and jeers of bully Stan Mackersly make his nightmares real. ‘His sweat-slicked fingers lost their grip and he was falling. Falling without the safety rope, arms flailing, grasping, grabbing at everything, at anything. He plummeted down.’

Brady is a gifted musician but his flute is trashed, and the only thing that helps is the friendship of an elderly Russian gentleman who survived the Siege of Leningrad. Or is it the magic of the golden flute? Or maybe it’s Tatiana, the Russian orphan girl? When a family sailing trip meets with disaster Brady has to confront his demons and meet the challenge of a vertical cliff climb. But can Brady make the ultimate sacrifice on the school tramping trip in the Whirinaki Forest and put his own life on the line to save his worst enemy and at the same time foil international criminals?


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