Nothing Happened

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It is evening. Sarah and Nick are thinking about their dull day. Nothing happened, really… Well… Nick did stand on his hands, went for a swim and sat around for a bit – and Sarah caught a glimpse of a butterfly and went down a slide.

But this is where the magic of children’s imagination emerges – dreamily illustrated by Mark Janssen.

For the handstand was made on the head of a tiger. Nick took a rest on the nose of an enormous dragon and swam with colourful fish. And Sarah slid down an elephant’s trunk and saw the butterfly while she was standing among some really cuddly bears.

With Sarah and Nick, you slip back into the world where you also used to walk home with lions and sing higher than the brightly coloured tropical birds. A delightfully cheerful book that sparkles with fantasy and erases all boundaries between dream and daily reality. A must – have for every child – and for every parent who remembers being one.


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