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In this adventure every decision you make changes in the story. Join the crew and cast on a crazy movie set and find out if you have a fabulous future. Will you make movie magic or a fatal flop?

You Say Which Way books can be read in any order. And the big list of choices makes it easy to find storylines that you haven’t read yet.

What readers have said:  Some real laugh out loud moments. Loved the quirky sense of humour in the book. This is the perfect book for movie-obsessed youngster.

Why choose a ‘You Say Which Way’ adventure?

  • Decisions have consequences and these books are all about choice.
  • They are educational while being fun and informative.
  • They are good books for girls and boys. Gender neutral.
  • Multiple paths and endings means books can be read many times.
  • Interactive stories stimulate cognitive development.
  • Making choices develops leadership.


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