Jam – Margaret Mahy

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‘The whole house is like a jam factory,’ said Clement.
‘It’s like a school for jam pots,’ said Clarissa.
‘Your father is a born artist,’ said Mrs Castle. ‘He is the Picasso of jam makers.’
‘But now we must eat it all up,’ said Mr Castle firmly.

A delightful tale by Margaret Mahy about an industrious stay-at-home dad who is on a mission to ensure his family gets the most out of their plum harvest!

Mr Castle has discovered that he has a hidden talent – for making plum jam. His wife and children watch with growing wonder as he fills every jar, vase, glass and pot in the house. But where will it all end?

Margaret Mahy’s classic story about a father’s passion for making plum jam for his long-suffering family, illustrated by Helen Craig.


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