Hannibal, The Camel Who Longed To Be Special

Hannibal was munching his lunch.

His flubbery lips flapped.

His jaw swung from side to side.

Leaves flew everywhere.

But his mind was not on his munching…

The story is set in Northern Africa and is the humorous account of Hannibal’s attempts to gain the attention of a beautiful female dromedary, Cleo. He tries to copy the habits of his friends, a dung beetle and an ostrich, but fails, and his attempt to copy humans is even worse. In the end he discovers that he was special and handsome all the time and didn’t know it.

Author Pauline Marshall is a retired teacher who lives in Christchurch, NZ. She was inspired by a documentary of the dromedary’s comical style of eating to write about the adventures of the bumbling Hannibal and his friends.


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