Four More You Say Which Adventures

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An interactive collection containing four books where you say which way the story goes. Dragons Realm, Dinosaur Canyon, Deadline Delivery & Creepy House.

Ride a dragon. Meet dinosaurs. Escape the evil Avocado Company. Save your cat.

These stories depend on you. At the end of each chapter you make a decision that determines which way the story goes. Start by choosing which story to read. Things might get a little trickier after that.

Oh … and watch out for the three legged dog!

What Readers Say: This collection is great! I love the concept of this book because when I get to choose the way that the book will take me, it makes me feel like I am there. Another reason why I like this concept is that sometimes it’s hard to decide which way to go, so I can always go back and read what would have happened if I made a different decision…. something I can’t always do in life! I really liked getting four books in this set and I will definitely read more of the You Say Which Way books! Highly recommended.

Why choose a ‘You Say Which Way’ adventure?

  • Decisions have consequences and these books are all about choice.
  • They are educational while being fun and informative.
  • They are good books for girls and boys.
  • Multiple paths and endings means books can be read many times.
  • Interactive stories stimulate cognitive development.
  • Making choices develops leadership.


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