It’s tricky to fly with small wings. Peri was born a bit early and he needs a lot of help. He just wants to be able to soar over the swamp like a beautiful heron. Can he make it through to fledgling day? Will he ever be able to fly?

Earlybird was written to give children born early (and their families) a story about their early days.

‘As a doctor and importantly as a father who has health challenges thrown at him, Earlybird is a lovely story about seeing what is special in something that can be hard at the same time. Premature birth often results in emotions like fear, anger, concern, grief and often gratitude and love. Earlybird is a great way to remind children and whānau that often out of all this comes a great a story!’ – Dr Lance O’Sullivan, New Zealander of the Year 2014

“…an invaluable resource for families who experience the premature birth of a child.” – Professor Lynne Murray (UK)

All proceeds from the sale of Earlybird go to the work of The Champion Centre which is dedicated to providing support for infants and young children with developmental delays and their families.

Also available in te reo Māori.

Written by Julie Burgess-Manning. Illustrated by Jenny Copper.


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