Duel at Dawn (You Say Which Way)

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It’s 1626 in Paris, France.

In the latest You Say Which Way you can choose to be a recruit in the King’s Musketeers or the Cardinal’s Guards. With one of your friends, you’re about to enter this new life, close at hand to the king or the cardinal. There’s conspiracy, political intrigue, duelling and more. Will you risk going to the Courtyard of Miracles? What is the cardinal’s secret? Is the king ill because he’s being poisoned? Where’s the best place to buy bandages for sword wounds? Will you make trouble, or will it find you? It’s never far away.

Oh … and watch out for thieves, secrets and the Comte de Bouteville.

Why choose a ‘You Say Which Way’ adventure?

  • Decisions have consequences and these books are all about choice.
  • They are educational while being fun and informative.
  • They are good books for girls and boys. Gender neutral.
  • Multiple paths and endings means books can be read many times.
  • Interactive stories stimulate cognitive development.
  • Making choices develops leadership.


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