Dragons – Slips And Ladders

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eeBoo reimagines the classic game of Slips and Ladders with the whimsical illustrations of illustrator Kevin Hawkes and a celebratory measure of gorgeous shiny holographic foil for the Dragon party that players are trying to reach at the top of the castle. Land on a slide and slip back down to a lower square; land on a ladder and climb closer to the finish line!

Staff Pick: “I chose Fancy Dragons Slips and Ladders because even though it’s  a very simple game the foil and characters are so earnest and beautiful thats its very fun to play.”

Staff Pick: “The classic eeBoo Slips and Ladders is a firm favourite in our family. My 6 year old loves dragons and all things mystical. This is the perfect combination of our favorites. Also, who doesn’t love shiny things?


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