Diamonds and Toads

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Diamonds and Toads is a bold new treasury of all your favourite fairy tales for children aged 8 to grown up. Featuring a host of diverse new heroes, this book is for every girl and boy – regardless of gender, skin colour or sexual orientation.

This treasury has something for everyone!

  •  Female and male heroes – Girls save the day just as often as the boys, proving once and for all that gender has nothing to do with being a hero.
  •  Blossoming heterosexual and same-sex relationships – Love is love. Reading about different types of romance within the same context helps readers acknowledge the normalcy of all relationships.
  •  Racial diversity  – Characters of different skin colours show that anyone of any race can be the primary figure in the fairy tale narrative.
  •  Modern values – Female characters, once admired merely for the way they look, are now celebrated for being clever, kind and brave.
  •  Absolute acceptance – There is no fanfare when a character is revealed to be outside the fairy tale norm. Race, gender and sexuality is never questioned.


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