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A tense, exciting war adventure inspired by the coastwatchers of Operation Pacific, WWII, from award-winning YA author David Hill, winner of the 2021 Prime Minister’s Award for Fiction.

‘It’s not going to be a cushy job, young Benson. You’re on your own. Japs will be looking for you. Far as they’re concerned, you’re spies. And when a spy gets captured, remember . . .’

It’s 1943, and 19-year-old radio operator Frank Benson is shipped out to an enemy-occupied island in the Solomons with two other soldiers. Their mission is to spy on the Japanese.

In dense jungle they meet a Solomon Islander who says he has information that will shatter Japanese defences. But he could be working for the enemy. What if it’s a trap to get them killed?

No training could have prepared Frank for this decision. Their lives – and Operation Pacific – depend on his next move.


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