Ariki And The Island Of Wonders

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After getting lost at sea in a tropical storm, Ariki and Ipo discover an uncharted island. They are making the most of a beautiful day, sailing the sea near Turtle Island on a “borrowed” boat. They’re too busy daydreaming to spot the grey clouds gathering overhead – but then a terrible storm breaks, carrying them miles from home.

After days without food or drink, they are washed up on an unfamiliar island. The island is beautiful beyond belief: they see butterflies, each one lovelier than the last, lizards chasing across the rocks and, most wonderful of all, a gigantic blue bird with eyes that glow purple. When they meet another castaway, however, the children discover this island is no paradise – there are dangers lurking in the shadows!

A nail-biting adventure with a strong message about endangered animals and human intervention,


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