Amazing Magic Pocket Tricks

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  • The Stunning Pocket Magic Collection from Hanky Panky is a 6-set series designed for the budding young magician who wants to collect them all! Each set is different but they all feature a step-by-step guide for 15 amazing tricks to perform that will amaze and delight friends and family. The tricks in each magic set have been carefully selected so that there is no overlap or repetition making it easy to build a full repertoire of professional-quality magic tricks.

Magic is the perfect gift for any child; it aids the development of hand to eye coordination, improves presentational skills and helps to build a child’s confidence.

  • Stunning Pocket Magic is perfect for aspiring magicians ages 6 and up and comes complete with props and a step-by-step magic guide
  • Each Stunning Pocket Magic set features 25 different tricks for no overlap or repetition; collect all 6 sets to build an amazing repertoire of magic
  • Some of the world’s top magicians have collaborated with Hanky Panky to create quality magic sets with carefully selected tricks and stunning effects
  • Magic sets are a wonderful tool for promoting a child’s self-confidence, eye-hand coordination and presentation skills


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