Once Upon an Alphabet

The letters of our alphabet work tirelessly to make words that in turn make stories, but what if there was a story FOR each of the letters instead? Turn the pages of this exquisite book to find out…

From an Astronaut who’s afraid of heights, to a Bridge that ends up burned between friends, to a Cup stuck in a cupboard and longing for freedom, Once Upon an Alphabet is an adventure to follow from A to Z, or a treasure trove to dip in and out of. Slyly funny in a way kids can’t resist, and gorgeously illustrated in a way readers of all ages will pour over, this series of interconnected stories and characters explores the alphabet in an exhilaratingly original way.

In Once Upon an Alphabet, Oliver Jeffers has created a stunning collection of words and artwork that is a story book, an alphabet book, and gorgeously designed art book all in one.


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