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The Children’s Bookshop recognises the importance of a parent’s role as first teacher of their child and aims to support them in this role as they lay the foundations of success for a lifetime of effective learning.

We have created a unique, selective range of beautiful books and quality toys to stimulate and encourage development and balanced learning. Our aim is to provide parents, grandparents and teachers with resources and ideas to encourage learning and development through reading and play.

We recognise that shopping with young children is not easy, and that a visit to the toyshop or bookstore can be overwhelming and time consuming. There is just so much to choose from! We have done the hard work for you by evaluating each product and choosing a selective range of quality toys and books that provide excellent play value and learning opportunities.

The Children’s Bookshop website provides you with a stress-free way to browse and buy online. We provide explanations of what our products do for your child, their suitability to their stage of development and ideas to encourage maximum play value and learning. We are sure you will be delighted when your purchase arrives and will waste no time joining your child in their next learning experience.